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Beyond Conventional Consulting.
To establish clarity – less is more

Together we promote clear goals, tasks, authorities and responsibilities, efficient processes and appropriate rules which are also reflected in the daily work.

Trust and Responsibility

With us, employees assume responsibility and innovate. Mutual trust and a healthy culture to identify and correct error is essential to encourage cooperation and ultimately save resources.

To resolve serious conflicts

I serve as a mediator aiming together to resolve serious conflicts through mediation in your teams, with business partners and with succession issues. As an arbitrator, I accompany arbitration proceedings.

To reach meaningful goals

Together we promote the desired change and achieve your goals.


Attorney Georg Gößwein, LL.M., experienced Ex-General Counsel in Commercial Law, Arbitrator, Mediator & Interim Manager

I have practiced international commercial law for almost two decades as General Counsel, Head of Legal & IP and Chief Compliance Officer in companies of the plant-and machinery engineering industry.

I am a lawyer and have acquired additional qualifications in the areas of managerial development, organizational development, mediation, coaching and supervision of supervisory bodies.
I regularly publish in particular on compliance as a natural part of corporate DNA and about Alternative Dispute Resolution.
I compose a reliable team if the complexity and/or size of a project requires it.