December 20, 2016

Coaching – sytemically – personally


Through coaching, I support you personally.

My Vision: enable change – strengthen values – unlock potential

My coaching approach is a systemic one. In concrete terms, this means that we will deal with a wide range of factors from your environment which you consider useful for clarifying your concerns. As a rule, it will turn out that you have the solution in yourself. In the process of coaching you will find the necessary clarity on your own. We will be going on a symbolic hike together. First, the coach runs like a mountain guide behind the coachee, who finds his own way. If the path is broader we run side by side, consider systems, options, other companions, etc. together. If the path is particularly challenging, I as the coach also go ahead and blaze the trail if necessary through deep snow and mud. This may e.g. also mean that I offer you my advice, if you so wish.

As a personal coach I support you in different life situations.

  • You see special challenges that you want to be prepared for. You want to expand your existing strengths or suspect personal or professional weaknesses that hinder you in your development. I support you in the development of your complex potentials and help you to resolve conflicts successfully.
  • You want to be supported in a determination phase of your career, define new goals or overcome personal crises.
  • Teamcoaching helps me advance teams.

Teams develop their full potential, especially when objectives are clear and tasks, authorities and responsibilities are defined. Positions are occupied correctly and existing potentials are detected. Team spirit prevails through creative, meaningful and self-efficacious goals, and when it is professionally communicated.

In order to create this success climate in teams, we first carry out a comprehensive situation analysis in order to subsequently use efficient and effective tools for team development.

Together we have succeeded in bringing you clarity and raising your potential in the team or as a leader. If you and your team enjoy the professional environment as enrichment and as a source of strength and inspiration, we have made the greatest possible positive contribution. Together, we create the basis for your future extraordinary achievements to your and your company’s success.