Conciliation Office, Mediator, Conflicts Coaching

You can also contact me as conciliation office. You can submit your issue concerning a conflict for purpose of conciliation to me as a recognized conciliation office by means of a proper application.  I have been recognized according to § 794 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 1 ZPO by the President of the District Court of Ravensburg. Please contact me when you are interested in the rules of procedure of the conciliation office.

In mediation I guide the participants in a structured procedure to resolve their conflicts. They will focus on solutions that are relevant to the interests of the parties, are appropriate, economic, and sustainable. Mediation as an alternative dispute-resolution procedure is characterized by the fact that the parties are masters of the procedure and that the decision-making authority is not a third party.

The mediator is neutral, impartial and does not assess the facts. In the process, he acts as the administrator of all parties involved, i.e., he treats no mediant preferred. I take care of an objective and fair process. This is done e.g. by giving the parties the same amount of time to speak and not expressing prejudices or preferences. The mediation is to be treated confidentially by the mediator and the mediants.

I am also training you to deal with conflicts more successfully. On the one hand, your competence will be strengthened in order to better identify emerging conflicts, to avoid them or even to exploit their potential. On the other hand, you are empowered to properly classify and resolve existing conflicts.

Our common goal has been achieved if I successfully help you resolve existing conflicts. The parties to the conflict support the solution. If you are able to competently master conflict situations in the future without my support, this is ideal.