Independant Arbitrator

Your expectation

In addition to independence, an arbitrator is expected to fully understand the often very complex situations, which are usually to be reviewed in arbitral disputes. I qualify as an arbitrator for complex cross-border arbitration proceedings with my long-standing specific experience and deep understanding for the machinery and plant engineering and Compliance.

Independant Arbitrator in machinery and plant engineering business

I can successfully use my experience from numerous complex multimillion euro / dollar arbitral proceedings to act as arbitrator. In my capacity as General Counsel and Head of Legal Affairs of globally operating companies in mechanical engineering and plant engineering, I have successfully led arbitration proceedings. I know the pitfalls of international machine and plant engineering in detail. It is better, if possible, to avoid disputes before courts and also arbitration. Nevertheless, disputes may not always be settled amicably, especially in the international environment. Contracts of the international machinery and engineering industry regularly contain arbitration clauses, in order to settle disputes before a neutral arbitrator in a neutral place. Arbitration clauses are also regularly found in contracts of other industries, which deal with cross-border matters. Arbitral procedures in mechanical engineering and plant engineering are never simple. In my proceedings, I was able to gather complex insights and experiences which I can also use as an arbitrator in arbitral proceedings of other industries for efficient and effective case management.

Independant Arbitrator in compliance conflicts

Compliance is now firmly integrated into decision-making processes in many companies. Some companies even strive to make compliance a natural part of corporate DNA. In this endeavor, on the one hand, the corporate organization itself and its compliance management system are developed further, on the other hand, an attempt is made to influence the market environment in order to further establish compliance. Contractual agreements in the area of compliance will find their way into the purchasing conditions of many companies to ensure compliance in the supply chain. In regard to Collective Actions compliance agreements are concluded between market participants and even between competitors. It is in the nature of things that such compliance agreements can also become “distressed”. The consequences are usually conflicts. If these are serious, they should be settled. In order to resolve conflicts in the area of compliance agreements, ADR is better suited than the ordinary legal process. In addition, if ADR is agreed by means of escalation clauses, this seems ideal.

I would be delighted if you would trust me as your appointed arbitrator. Feel free to contact me.