Interim Manager – Legal Affairs and Compliance

I would like to support you as an interim manager for legal affairs and compliance and bring in my decades of experience in this field. You can expect that together we will quickly find sustainable and future-proof solutions. Business partners are happy to provide references in this regard.

I quickly generate reliable results for you in difficult business phases. With a great deal of leadership experience and competence, I act alongside existing teams and take them with them. Clear goals and a meaningful transparent distribution of tasks, coupled with employee coaching, quickly lead to a productive working atmosphere that inspires the team. The legal and compliance areas act as business partners. A “Compliance Rigidity” or existing “Compliance Dilemma” will be dissolved.

I have developed many hands-on practical tools to help you achieve the desired results efficiently and effectively within the legal framework. A repertoire of tools, methods, network and experience that has been grown and proven over almost two decades is used. These include tried-and-tested guidelines, processes, checklists, training, etc. in the field of law and compliance, which enable me to develop the desired effectiveness quickly.

Tailored and successfully implemented decentralized functional global compliance management systems (“CMS”) are gentle on resources. They are culture forming.

Did you have the “compliance case” or are you “in the middle of it“? I have worked very successfully on numerous complex cases and am well versed in working with authorities. The successful processing of cross-border complex compliance cases requires a lot of experience, which I was able to gather over many years.

I will like to say “auf Wiedersehen” when the challenges have been overcome together. According to experience, we stay in contact and should once again be hard on man, I am pleased to be able to support you again.