July 1, 2024

Qualifications and education

I have extended my qualification as a lawyer intensively across the board. Management and organizational development, change management, conflict resolution, coaching and the supervision of supervisory bodies supplement my long-term experience as Head of Legal Affairs, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel.

  • First and second legal state exam, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
  • “Master of Laws” (LL.M.), University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • Admitted to the lawyer (RAK Munich)
  • Curriculum company management, mg academy, Frankfurt
  • Curriculum Staff Management, mg academy, Frankfurt
  • Certified member of the Supervisory Board, Board Academy, Munich
  • Coaching as a Management Instrument, Dehner Academy, Dipl.-Psych. Constantine Warth, Constance; https://www.dehner.academy/; https://www.konstantin-warth.de/
  • Systemic coaching with customers, employees and teams, Dipl. Psych. Walter Cormann, Wasserburg / B; https://ptz.cormanninstitute.de/unsere-weiterbildungen/systemische-beratung
  • Education as an business mediator, Steinbeis Beratungszentrum Wirtschaftsmediation, Stuttgart
  • Further education in the field of systemic organizational development and change management, isb Institut, Wiesloch; https://www.systemic-professionalitaet.de/isbweb/
  • More than 10 years of experience in medium-sized companies, five years of experience in the MDAX Group (from IPO to delisting); Restructuring, professionalization of legal advice in the company, in particular through standardization of processes and innovation; Establishment of the group legal area; Legal and compliance consulting as a business partner;
  • Cost and success-oriented management of external consultants; standard contracts
  • Objectives and KPIs in the legal department
  • Professional IP management, benchmarked by industry benchmarks
  • Development and development of state-of-the-art compliance management systems; Resource-conserving, decentral-functional; numerous publications
  • Experienced in the resolution of complex cross-border compliance cases (including intensive exchanges with DOJ, EPA, IRS and German / European authorities such as StA, BKartellA, European Commission)
  • Successful negotiation of numerous M & A projects and complex international contracts
  • Advantageous settlement of complex international multimillion euro arbitration and mediation procedures in the middle three-digit range
  • Successful massive reduction in the number of legal disputes in the US and strategies to avoid / professionalize future litigation.