September 4, 2016

A team you can rely upon

The size or complexity of a project may require teamwork.

If the team fits, complex challenges are managed. For this reason, you will decide according to different criteria whether you are using third-party support. When e.g. larger M & A projects are pending, it can be very useful and advisable to have someone to manage the individual external consulting units. If your organization has a serious compliance case, you will want to be supported. Then someone should bring together the many threads. If there is a greater legal dispute you will seek appropriate advice. In any case, the persons involved should be used to playing together. They should not be divas or lonely wolfes who are no teamplayers. Especially since specialists are seldom accustomed to play in a team. An atmosphere has to be created in which trust and confidence are drawn together. This is the only way to achieve the results you expect. And it is possible to create such a team spirit among external specialists.

Georg Gößwein as project manager

I can look back on a long-established and proven international network of experienced specialists. Finally, I have build my network -among others- from the position of the General Counsel / Head of Legal Affairs myself. After consultation with you – so to speak, as your external project manager, I bring together an optimal team. As an experienced Head of Legal and General Counsel, I know from practice, what matters and what is important to you. I have been able to develop and optimize my abilities in a multitude of complex projects in order to lead difficult tasks to success.

I have a hands-on result-oriented management style, which I have developed with great practical experience in the management of interdisciplinary groups of people. In addition to the focus on the desired result, the controlling of the consulting services provided will also play a central role. Only when the group of experts manage to keep the common goal in mind will your optimal success be generated.