September 4, 2016

Create clarity – less is more

In the era of advancing digitization, globalization and regulatory intensity, strategic organizational development is essential to maintain the clear guidelines to ensure compliance.

Digitization is on everyone’s lips. To fully understand its effects, no one can do, let alone foresee the digital future. Likewise Global Interaction continues but also has limits and creates disruption. Organizations and the government react to this environment with more and more rules. Organizations and, in particular, companies still have the choice to streamline rules to promote understanding and compliance. This, however, requires strategic development of a so-called “rule culture” in which participants understand and implement understandable rules is crucial .

If we want to successfully digitize processes, it is, in my experience, extremely important to take the affected employees on the journey. Especially in the area of ​​law and compliance, digitization opens up unimagined possibilities. The potential of Legal Tec is far from exhausted. Smart Data Bases, Smart Processes, Smart Contracts, KYC Screening, etc. are certainly just the beginning. Today, many monotonous activities can be automated and thus gain time for strategic thinking. Something for which, unfortunately, too little time remains in many companies. In order to fully exploit these possibilities, ideally all employees should consider them as an opportunity rather than a threat. This is achieved when the open exchange with the employees is sought and their fears and worries are taken seriously. Often, these can be eliminated in a personal conversation and the employee realizes that the opportunities outweigh the odds and it is better to jump on the bandwagon-with reason.

As a General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer and, in the meantime, as an external consultant, I have successfully completed numerous digitization projects.

This development is only successful if ultimately all employees embrace it. It is important to take employees’ concerns seriously, to allow for sharing of different perspectives and to encourage enthusiasm for the positive aspects of change. I support you in the development and implementation of your strategy and assist in the further development of your structures, processes, guidelines and accompanying change processes. Frequently less is more to promote clarity of purposes, responsibilities, tasks and authorities. I help you set the priorities right and to ensure that the clear goals are established, tracked and achieved. Resistance is to be expected, but can be effectively addressed through effective communication.

I support you through leadership development, coaching and mediation.