September 4, 2016

Resolve serious conflicts

I resolve conflicts through mediation and as arbitrator.

Where people operate, conflicts are ubiquitous. This can be due to conflicting interests, views and mentalities. In and between companies, conflict consume enormous resources. Disputes affect the efficiency and operating climate because the relationships between business partners, co-contractors, management bodies and employees are disrupted. Of course, full blown litigation involves particularly high costs, and reliance on a court to resolve conflicts poses uncertain results.

The philosopher knows the saying: “In judgment and on the high seas, you are in God’s hand.

Mediation is a confidential and structured process whereby parties, through one or more mediators, strive voluntarily and on their own responsibility to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement of their conflict. In mediation, the parties remain masters of their proceedings. The procedure is confidential. The mediator is neutral and represents the interests of all parties involved with no decision-making power. Within the framework of a structured procedure, the mediator is to lead the parties out of the dead end to an acceptable agreement. The mediator promotes the communication of the parties and ensures that the parties are adequately and fairly involved in the mediation. Thus, serious conflicts can be resolved, with benefits for both sides.

If discrepancies are taken carefully and resolved as quickly and sustainably as possible, a further escalation can be stopped. That is what you will appreciate as being truly professional. It allows unimagined energies to be released. If conflicts are solved in companies, this is often the source of pioneering innovations.

Arbitration is a specific dispute settlement instrument, which is regularly agreed upon. This procedures has regrettably also the reputation of being lengthy and expensive. Experience has shown that arbitration proceedings can also be conducted very efficiently and effectively. The choice of the arbitrator plays a decisive role.